Although there are countless examples in the Old Testament of men and women using their gifts to honor God, our vision of stewardship is rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. He prepared His apostles to carry on His teachings. "Come Follow Me" is not a suggestion; it is our mission as Christians. We use our gifts or talents to be disciples; to be the hands and feet of our Lord, to do what He would do if He were here in the flesh.

About Stewardship

One who receives God’s gifts gratefully
Cherishes and tends them in a responsible and accountable manner 
Shares them in justice and love with others 
And returns them with increase to the Lord 
The decision to share our Time, Talent and Treasure with our communion of faith is an important aspect of being a Christian steward.
Christian stewardship is the grateful response we make to God’s generosity.The first quality of a Christian Steward is being grateful. All that we have, and all that we are able to do, are gifts from God. Living a life as a Christian steward involves a deliberate decision to thank God for all His blessings by returning to Him a portion of our Time, Talent and Treasure.


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